Compatible now with iFly 737 MAX8 !

FSiPanel is now compatible with FlightSim Studio E175!

FSiPanel - Train like real pilots

FSiPanel is a software for discerning Flight Simulator enthusiasts.

As an airline pilot with more than 20 years experience and a huge fan of Flight Simulators, I wanted to develop a tool allowing you to fly multiple approaches within a few minutes, the same way as we train in the airline industry. FSiPanel will save you a lot of time by setting your approach within a few seconds. FSiPanel is compatible with study level aircraft.

I found it frustrating that after landing – in order to fly another approach – you must: reposition the aircraft on the ground, re-program your FMS, re-configure the whole aircraft, take off again, and fly the circuit – all of which takes another 15 minutes of your valuable time in order to fly a new approach. FSiPanel will manage this for you in just a few seconds.

FSiPanel allows you to use a simple but powerful ‘point-and-click’ instructor panel to set approaches.  FSiPanel will position your aircraft at the following positions:

  • Final approach from any distance
  • Downwind leg
  • Base leg
  • Vectors (30° or 45° intercept)
  • 10’000, 20’000 or 30’000 ft in cruise
  • On an Airport STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route)
  • On Snapshots positions (P3D version only)

Supported Aircraft & Products details

FSiPanel 2020 for P3D

Fly multiple approaches without restarting your simulator

After landing flow.

Download training scenario with preset failures*

*on aircraft compatible, check product page for more information

Buy FSiPanel 2020 and start a new adventure !

FSiPanel for MSFS 2020

Fly multiple approaches without restarting your simulator.

Select an airport and a runway and practice anywhere in the world.

*on all 30 aircraft included in the premium version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Buy FSiPanel 2020 and start a new adventure !

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