PMDG 747 change FMC Destination

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PMDG 747 change FMC Destination

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Hi guys, to change the route destination, please follow the procedure below to avoid a CTD:

Let's say you want to fly to KIAD, runway 19L-

When FSiPanel tells you to set your FMC, do the following:
  • Go to LEGS page
  • insert KIAD as next waypoint and execute, KIAD should now be on top
  • delete LFML from the LEGS page and execute
  • Go to RTE page 1 and change Destination to KIAD and execute
  • Go to DEP/ARR and select the procedure
  • Go to LEGS page and select next waypoint in front of you as direct to
  • Fly your approach !
Don't forget to take a snapshot while in position freeze if you plan to fly again the same approach later.

You can see a quick video of the above example, see link below.


Jean-Pierre Garraio
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