A320NEO will not unfreeze

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A320NEO will not unfreeze

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Good Day,
Iam having problems with MSFS2020 A320NEO airbus to the point where I move AC to 8 Mi final,hold brakes for 3 seconds and the plane will not unfreeze. I have watched many tutorials and this is very frustrating for me.
My brake pedals work just fine. Also, I do not get tips saying "You have control". If I am doing something wrong please let me know otherwise this software is not very good for me.
THank you
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Re: A320NEO will not unfreeze

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This is a known issue with the FBW MOD using custom offsets.
I'm about to release an update with a new method to take over control on the A320 NEO.


Jean-Pierre Garraio
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