Autoland with the FSLabs A320

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Autoland with the FSLabs A320

Post by LecLightning56 » Sat Jul 06, 2019 7:39 am


Just wondering as a practicing airliner pilot, if you can throw any light on the below posted by me on the FSLabs forum governing Airbus A320 autoland operation:

"I have been practicing approaches using the FSiPanel 2017 tool for positioning the A320 on an ILS approach. The ILS frequency is set as is the decision height for the landing itself. When I engage the localizer and the glideslope, I am finding that I can only select Dual AP1+AP2 for an Autoland when the aircraft enters the LAND phase very close to the ground (I can only select AP1 prior to that and AP2 refuses to light up and engage prior to the LAND phase). Is this correct Airbus behaviour, or should I be able to select a Dual AP1+AP2 autoland well in advance of when the LAND phase is annunciated? I am pretty sure that in previous versions of the FSLabs A320, I was able to select both AP1 and AP2 (both engaged and illuminated) in the early stages of the approach, well in advance of the LAND phase. Is this perhaps an issue with how the MCDU is set up (FSiPanel does most of the hard work for you in setting up the MCDU for such an approach)?"

I am note sure if you are au fait with Airbus operation in your work but any comments on the above greatly appreciated.

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Re: Autoland with the FSLabs A320

Post by jpgarraio » Sat Jul 13, 2019 7:25 am


To engage second autopilot, APPR mode should be armed.
If you have a correct nav setting in the MCDU and you press APPR, you should have LOC / GS armed on your FMA, it that the case?

If yes, you should have no problem to engage second AP.

What you can try is to manually set the ILS freq in the MCDU, make sure ILS pushbutton is pressed. Take control and then Arn APPR.



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Re: Autoland with the FSLabs A320

Post by LecLightning56 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:03 pm

I have followed your advice and state below the procedure I have used:

1. Load the aircraft from FSiPanel
2. Select the correct throttle setting 'SPEED'
3. Enter the correct ILS and runway course in the MCDU
4. Ensure that 'LS' is lit
5. Ensure that the localizer is captured by adjustment of the heading as necessary
6. Take control
7. Arm APPR
8. Try to select AP2 in addition to AP1

The above results in AP2 not being activated.

Please investigate and see if you manage to activate AP2 (in addition to AP1). I am using the latest version of FSLabs A320

I have taken the aircraft for a circuit externally to FSiPanel and can engage both autopilots on an ILS approach. It would appear that it is only in FSiPanel that I experience this issue where only AP1 will engage.

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