Issue in KSTL RW 30L/30R with FBWA320

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Issue in KSTL RW 30L/30R with FBWA320

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Hi. First of all, thanks for your software. Amazing!

I'm facing an issue in my home airport KSTL, with the MSFS 2020 and FBWA320. I tried with both Stable V0.9.1 and Experimental dc34202.
When I set the aircraft on runways 30L or 30R and ask FSIPanel to prepare a long final, it starts fine. Set flaps, ask me to set the throttle to CL, increase speed to 130 and then start to move the aircraft. But while setting the FMC, it programs an approach for other runways than 30L or 30R (like RNAV29Z or RNAV12RZ), which of course, is not the correct one for the selected runway (that I selected both on MSFS2020 and in FSIPanel).
After setting the wrong approach, it says for me to turn off Beacon to assume the aircraft, but even before doing anything, the aircraft start to fall until hit the ground (no horizontal move, just vertical). It also does not enable the autopilot.

I'm sure my aircraft is fine and the installation is ok, because I could set a long final on FSIPanel using the same aircraft (both stable and experimental versions) in LSZH runway 14 without any problems. So seems that KSTL RW 30R/30L has something that is causing the issue. I'm using the standard scenario, so I think would be easy to reproduce.

Any help will be appreciated.


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