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This is a video demonstrating the user manual quick tutorial. A quick approach using the PMDG 737 NGXu

  • Prepare the approach
  • Fly the approach
  • Landing Report

How to fly approaches with the FSLabs A320

How fast and easy it is to fly an approach with the FSLabs A320 series on FSiPanel 2020.

  • Fly a final approach
  • After landing flow
  • Fly on an intercept heading to ILS

How to fly approaches with the iFly 737

See FSiPanel in action, setting your approach including the FMC on the iFly 737.

  • Same procedure applies for iFly 747


How to fly an approach on the Majestic Q400 within a few seconds !

  • FSiPanel starts the engine
  • Fly on final
  • Vectors

Tutorial :
Import Snapshot

How to import community Snapshot and training scenario., you will also see how to export your snapshots for your friends or for the community.

  • Import a snapshot
  • Fly the snapshot
  • Export your snapshot

Snapshot Challenge :
RNAV Visual 33 at LOWS

Training scenario using FSiPanel.

  • RNAV Visual 33
  • Go-around
  • Snapshot feature
  • Try it yourself

Tutorial :
Custom positions / Weather

How to customize your positionnings

  • FIX page options
  • FSiPanel WX engine tutorial

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Aircraft : Maddog MD-82

How to fly an approach with the Maddog MD82

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